Some Security Guard Essentials Such as Stun Batons and Handheld Metal Detectors to Serve as Your Protection

We generally trust security guards to safeguard our properties, but aside from them they also take charge in securing our well-being and ultimately our lives. It is therefore wise for those who will employ the services of a security guards, to arm these brave men and women with the basic things for protection, and these are stun batons and handheld metal detectors, so that they can function properly the responsibilities we expected from them. You can also read more about these security guard essentials at

Let us give a brief background on why a handheld metal detector is an absolute must have for some guards and why this tool is important. Not all security professionals will use regularly these handheld metal detectors, must for those security guards who have the responsibility of screening people as they enter a premise or establishment, this tool should be present without question. Know that it is reasonably inexpensive to buy handheld metal detectors, and the cost is not comparable to the safety it provides which can literally save lives, are extremely effective in the detection of the smallest amount of metal, and not to mention the easiness in using it with no requirement of special training to use. These devices are also self-calibrating, and this means that you do not have to constantly regulate their sensitivity settings. The other alternative to these gadgets for security scanner you see some security professionals conduct on people is to pat down at the door, which proves to be consuming more time, ineffective in detecting metals generally, and also would cause discomfort to the people searched and to the security guard alike. 

The stun batons on the other hand are the devices that most group of security guards possess. Security professionals could get involve in physical encounter being the first line of defense in your establishment, thus stun batons will help them carry out their role. The least that the employers can do for these professionals is to arm these guards with the tools to defend themselves effectively, in a non-lethal, humane and legal manner. With a stun baton, a security guard can accomplish this job, since the device can incapacitate an attacker with a very powerful, but non-lethal current of electricity that would disable and interrupt the neurological pathways of the attacker. Also, a security guard does not have to have special training to operate or handle a stun baton, and is considered a better alternative than using a firearm or the guard’s fists in an incident of an attack.  

Having these two devices could a big difference between life and death for the security guards you will employ in your vicinity. Learn more about the self-defense weapons at