The Best Self Defense Weapon For Women

 It is vital to learn that women are often attacked and abused than men.  The fact that women are not masculine make them the vulnerable group because people take advantage of this.  It is always common to hear that a woman has been ambushed and abused by someone they do not know. What puzzles people is that in some cases, the close people are also trying to take advantage. It, therefore, becomes apparent that women need to guard themselves.  You can click here for more info.

 It is vital to learn that there are some ways through which one can defend themselves when attacked. At times, it becomes difficult to use these especially when the attackers are more than one.  But there is no need for worrying about this.  You are supposed to understand that one can always use other means here.  It is worth noting that there are some products for self-defense that are sold in many shops out there.  It is necessary to realize that the weapons vary in design and even use. They are also used differently.  The following are a few defense tools that you are expected to know.

 The first Women On Guard weapon that you need to recognize is that pepper spray.   It is essential to realize that it is not easy to point out a pepper spray because it is normally camouflaged as the other items that are in the purse.  You will realize that some of them come as lipstick cases. The spray can help you by blinding the attacker long enough to enable you to escape. What is more, the product is portable, less expensive and long-lasting.  One is required to understand that the tactical pen is the next big item here. This pen is sharp-pointed and it penetrates hardboard. That is enough to show the level of damage it can have on the attacker.  You will realize that the product often come as a pen.  The other weapon that you are supposed to know about is the tactical knife. 

 One is supposed to know that the tactical knife is designed in a way that it resembles a side comb and in some cases, a pen. Only the people who understand it will recognize it. It is not so big, but it can help when need be.  You are encouraged to use the knife at a close range suppose you have been attacked.  The kind of wound that is often left is similar to that of a bullet.  It is essential to learn that alarm also falls under the category of deadly weapons that a woman can use when attacked. Dis cover more about the self-defense weapons at

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